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An extremely talented, extraordinary being, releasing her mind to the world. My goal is to touch, move and inspire you by making a difference through expressions of love and gratitude. Give "...thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in the kingdom of light" (Colossians 1:12) An International Best Selling Author, Blogger, and Inspirationalist


Well, last year at around eleven o'clock in the night on January 31, 2016, I made a conscious decision to be sure to do everything different in order to achieve different things in 2017. So, to start off, I went to my first ever Vision Board Party on January 28, 2017. It was the most exciting event I had ever been to in my entire life. It brought so much joy, happiness, and great clarity for more vision. I was so blown away by the positive atmosphere, I did not even finish my board by the end of the event. So, you know I had homework to do.

So, a week later, via searching online, I saw a church which was having a FREE Vision Board Party. I said to myself, this is indeed a great opportunity for me to attend that event in order for me to finish my board. I instantly was motivated to be there. So sure enough, I attended, and not only did I finish my first Vision Board, I began another one, being more specific based on more clarity. I was overly excited. As I was at the second Vision Board Party, I could really sense the manifestation of all of the photos, affirmations and quotes on my board coming into existence. It was breathtaking to be experiencing such new ways of inspiration.

I have only been accustom to having a journal all my life, that is what I was trained on at an early age. I was never exposed to Vision Boards, and I never had any friends who spoke or attended any Vision Board events. So, it was definitely a new world for me. I gained confidence, and courage to continue create Vision Boards as my vision became clearer and clearer. So to date, I have completed three Vision Boards. Now, I guess you are wondering how my life is going. Well, it is honestly blowing me away daily. So many positive things have been happening to me, and in my life. Transformation is definitely in action. Yes, it is LIVE! Vision Boards are the best things I have chosen for myself. I am so amazed by its simplicity, and almost afraid at its value because things do come into existence provided that you are being intentional.

Being intentional is the will of being present, and open to receiving no matter the circumstances and/or consequences. Always being in the position to experience the best, regardless. I am so grateful for my positive attitude; it has brought me very far, and opened many doors for me. It's like a miracle just waiting to happen. Today, I have experienced a lot of greatness which was on my Vision Boards, thus far. And, the beauty of it all is that I am continuously experiencing more and more greatness daily. I had the power, and opportunity to meet celebrities because it was on my vision boards. Vision Boards are very powerful. One must not play with it all. Take it seriously because it does work.

So, on that note, I have decided to host Vision Board Parties to help my family and friends achieve their goals just like me. It is a great way to keep on with such a great positive activity. It actually creates an incentive for me to raise my standards, be accountable and live in integrity. Like the saying says, "Lead By Example", well I am definitely a leader, not by choice, but that is just what always happens. It is in my nature, and my plan is to always follow God's lead for me. So, here I am now, organizing Vision Board Parties with a twist. The twist is to create an accountability within the group. My Vision Board Party is a program where each person pairs up with an accountability partner. We meet once a month for three months. Every time we meet, we share our progress to the group in a presentation, illustrating all that has come into existence with the month, and verifying if it was on the vision board. In between meetups, we actually stay connected via a chat group, helping each other as much as we can.

So, my first group will launch on March 25, 2017. We already have the people, just anxiously awaiting for the date to arrive. I am so excited. I already know it will be phenomenal. I am most excited to see what else will come to me this time around. Clarity is a beautiful thing. Life feels so much lighter when you can see where you are heading. Vision is the key to great success.

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This product is NOT FOR EVERYONE!

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