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An extremely talented, extraordinary being, releasing her mind to the world. My goal is to touch, move and inspire you by making a difference through expressions of love and gratitude. Give "...thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in the kingdom of light" (Colossians 1:12) An International Best Selling Author, Blogger, and Inspirationalist

HAPPY WOMEN'S MONTH 2017: Honoring Shavannah Moore

Shavannah Speaks Moore is an Entrepreneur, Empowerment Speaker & Best Selling Author who is on a mission to transform the lives of Women Globally by Empowering them to be the Leaders they were destined to be. She truly believes that EVERYTHING you need is already in YOU.......You just have to tap into your Power!

Coming from a World of poverty, Shavannah Moore managed to break free and live out her purpose. To Empower & Inspire Women Globally. She Instills in Women to not only look back at where you come from, but to reach back and LEAD. Shavannah was a high school dropout, who was told that she would never amount to anything beyond where she was at the time. She later went back to finish school because she knew there was a higher calling on her life and it would begin with her Determination. With years of struggling, being a single parent in poverty, nights of sleeping in her car, going from house to house, facing molestation, and later having to give her child to the father temporarily Shavannah came to the realization that enough was enough. Shavannah is a dynamic Empowerment Speaker and highly-sought-after Mompreneuer who changes the lives of Women Worldwide! After fighting for 7 years to get her daughter back, and all the pain she endured throughout life, Shavannah is now married with 5 beautiful children and has become a Successful Entrepreneur being the CEO of Divas in the kitchen LLC, Founder of One Big Heart Corporation, and #1 Best Selling Author. She is known as The Empowerment Expert and has officially accomplished everything “they” said she could never be. Now she is on a mission to transform the lives of Women Globally by EMPOWERING THEM TO LEAD!

Shavannah Speaks Moore is as  Authentic and transparent as they come. Whether you need to kick off your annual conference, workshop, or retreat OR inspire a group within your organization, school or University no need to look any further. Shavannah offers keynote speaking, training's, and workshops nationally and internationally.  Her Leadership topics are designed to promote transformation  within Women from all walks of life. Not only does she speak on the 4 characteristics that every Leader MUST possess to LEAD, but she instills in Women to Be Unstoppable & SOAR like the Leader you are.

Shavannah has the gift to help audiences breakthrough barriers, overcome their obstacles, challenges and fears, and begin the journey to living their best life all while Embracing the journey for what it is (right where you are). If you are looking for a speaker who can capture the hearts of your audience, create positive energy and bring about transformation then don’t wait! Bring Shavannah in today so your audience can experience the power to LEAD!

Shavannah's Speaking & Presentation include
"How to develop the Confidence & Courage to LEAD"

  • LOVE- In order to love (LEAD) others you must first  love yourself. This begins with knowing WHO you are and NOT who "society" says you are. 

  • ENCOURAGEMENT-You must be able to encourage yourself & others even when you don't feel like it. When everything that could go wrong seems to be going wrong you MUST be able to stand firm, keep your head above the water and "speak" positivity into the atmosphere. By doing so you are not only encouraging yourself but you are changing the atmosphere so that you may be able to encourage the next person. " Change the way you see thing and the things you see will change"

  • ACCOMPLISHMENT- You must be able to accomplish what others were afraid to walk in. Leadership is an action not a position. What others died in God allowed you to survive for a reason. 

  • DETERMINATION- As soon as you let go of the fear of standing in YOUR truth and what everyone will think of you that's when you become who you were meant to be. 

Shavannah Believes that a Leader holds a position of Power or Authority, however to LEAD means to INSPIRE people to make an IMPACT. She provides strategies to her audience on "How" to LEAD using her B.L.A.Z.E. strategy. Want to learn more? Hire Shavannah today!

Other Speaking Topics Include: 
  • Message To Movement - The Entrepreneur Journey
  • Balance- Business, Family, Time Management and YOU
  • How to start a business- From Poverty to self made millionaire
  • How to go from Corporate to pursuing your dreams
  • The Ecstasy Experience- How to put the spice back in your life on every level

Founded in early 2013, Shavannah Moore had a vision that escalated from her catering company, "SeRentai’s Catering". Women began to request intimate catering dishes for special events such as cupcakes and candies designed as lips, sexy styled catering décor’. Moore Began to see that there was a need for women to feel sexy and confident and that many of their requests were gathered around lavishing meals with girl talk. In the Fall of September 2013, Moore held her first Divas In the Kitchen Live cooking event with celebrity guest, Chef Jerome Brown. The event was such a hit that the 2nd came shortly after a few months later and was even bigger than the 1st.

Diva’s In the Kitchen LLC is here to teach women all over the world how to wine, dine and relax while learning to cook with style. An evening with Diva’s In the Kitchen is commenced with a wide array of entertainment. 


Power 95.5
Great Minds Think Alike (BLOG RADIO)
Shekina Moore ETC Show  (Atlanta)
SIBN Radio (Atlanta)
WVOT 1420 
Total Woman Wellness Show
​WRNW1 (Women's Radio Network)

Standing Tall in Christ
Diamond Diva Magazine
Women of Standard Magazine
Kokoa Magazine
​We Are Beautiful Magazine

Simply Jeanius Show
Dr. Willie Mae Hawkins TV

"Keep Shining Award" @ Speaklife Celebration Conference hosted by Laticia Nicole

Chocolate & Diamonds for the Woman's Soul
D.I.V.A.S (Driven Individual Visionaries Accomplish Success)
A DIVAS 30 day affirmation and recipes for the soul
Live in Gratitude Daily

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