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An extremely talented, extraordinary being, releasing her mind to the world. My goal is to touch, move and inspire you by making a difference through expressions of love and gratitude. Give "...thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in the kingdom of light" (Colossians 1:12) An International Best Selling Author, Blogger, and Inspirationalist

HAPPY WOMEN'S MONTH 2017: Honoring Schan B. Ellis

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As a Best-Selling Inspirational Author, Speaker, and Spiritual Life Coach, Schan Ellis is an inspiring personality and sought-after resource in women’s empowerment, along with personal and spiritual development.  While using the art of storytelling, Schan skillfully weaves the compelling chapters of her own life into the fabric of our daily lives. Her approach and teaching style embodies spiritual laws, principles, practices and transparency to bring profound messages, self-discovery and a challenge to live with intention. Her mission is to inspire growth, help others to awaken their greatness and actively make an impact on the world.   

" I serve and support women and girls to develop life skills, discover purpose and discern spiritual gifts; and by so doing, they live from the Truth of who they are, uninhibited and with fearless expression!"

In the book, Be Beautifully Inspired: A 90 Day Guide of Poems, Prayers, Articles and Affirmations, Schan provides a collection of words whose goal is to inspire the spirit, excite your passion, and ignite your inner empowerment to pursue your passion with vigor! Schan has also co-authored several books sharing personal stories of trial and triumph, including a poignant perspective to the aspiring woman on the journey to entrepreneurship.  

Schan Ellis has made a commitment to herself to die empty; die empty of all of the gifts, talents, and purpose that God has placed within her and leave them here on earth.  Schan never tires of using her positive energy, perspectives and affirmations to transform the lives she reaches well-beyond the podium and public appearances.  Through social media, she aspires to reach hundreds and thousands of others that she may never meet but want to give them the experience of “being beautifully inspired” also.  

Through using events from her own experiences, she manages to connect with people from all walks of life. Her smile, supercharged energy and her way with words motivates people to take action; She was even once told that her words are like “whipped cream.” She speaks straight from the heart and pushes her audience to get out of their comfort zones, throw away the box of proverbial limitations, find their beauty and live in their greatness.

Schan has studied under the leadership of renowned branding coach, Alease Michelle and is a life-long student of premier Keynote Speaker and the Master Motivator, Les Brown’s Speaker Immersion Coaching Program. Through these teachings, Schan has learned how to confidently use her charisma and warmth to revolutionize ordinary people into extraordinary achievers.  By using her own mistakes to acquire self-mastery in positive influence, along with her well balanced study of others’ challenges, Schan has built a solid understanding of what works, what doesn’t work, and why. She never stops seeking opportunities to learn more or never stops believing that anyone can achieve anything with proper guidance and the power of intention. Schan is also a student at Inner Visions Institute for Spritual Development under the mentorship and guidance of Dr. Iyanla Vanzant.  Through her studies, Schan uses spiritual laws, principles and practices a part of her coaching practice.   

Schan has  over 15+ years of experience in counseling, writing development and leadership training. As a life long learner and committment to continuously being her first client, she is passionate about supporting others to manifest their life story, seek out their purpose and to live with a winning mindset in all aspects of everyday life.

"I am committed to teaching key principles that will promote positive change and transformation!"

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As an influencer, Schan has worked with many business owners and writers in a dozen of industries – editors, authors, wellness & health providers, sports organizations, travel agents, pastors, non-profit organizations, public health agencies, music artists and more. She’s been featured in Now Faith Magazine, We are Beautiful Magazine,,  Inspirational Strength with Coach Billie Crooks, istyleweekly on iBronco Radio, and deemed honorary Super Author by Sharon Jenkins, the Master Communicator and Literary Midwife of Ellechor Media.  Schan is a Board Member and holds the office of Inspirational Curator with Fayetteville Divas, a non-profit networking group providing women entrepreneurs a platform to connect with other business women, empower each other and grow through professional training, marketing strategies and personal development.  In addition, Schan is a member of the Community Advisory Board for the Fayetteville Observer, an internationally recognized publishing company. 

Schan Ellis has a passion for unlocking and uplifting the potential of every person, God graciously assigns to cross her path.  She is is committed to motivating and training them to be achievers and leaders.  Her specially developed programs and customized workshops serve as a pathway for guiding girls and women to discover and explore their beauty through strengths based coaching, empowerment seminars, mastermind groups and mentorship. Whether in business, books or life, Schan helps women to BE their story, TELL their story and to "WRITE their story beautiful".

"I want to provide proven and practical points of value you can use immediately to make effective, meaningful change in your life!"

As a woman of vision, passion and purpose, Schan remains grounded and refuses to be placed on a pedestal or accept any elaborate titles.  Her heart’s desire is simply to stay connected to the people she serves, motivate the masses, impact the world with her message and leave them being beautifully inspired. 

Just for FUN! (smile)

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