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I am writing this post to answer so many of your questions referencing my braids. First and foremost, please get use to wearing a SATIN WRAP while you sleep. That is the first step to keeping moisture and shine to your hair. You have no idea how important this step is, until you try it. I suggest for you to try it for a month to see the difference.


Unlike many, I actually wash my braids on a regular basis. People are always shocked to hear this.
I can't stay without washing my hair. Water must touch my scalp, that is part of renewing its moisture and hydration, which is relating to its shine. I normally wash my braids with Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap .

Let's just highlight on Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap,  this is an old product on the market for years, now.
Dr. Bronner is a classic, revolutionary soap that is literally good for everything. It is great on hair, braids especially due to its light, clear, non-creamy substance. It is an awesome bodywash, great on skin, leaving it fresh, soft and smooth. Like they say, if you can put your hair products on your skin without harm; it is indeed, a great product.
The uniqueness of  Dr. Bronner Castile Soap is that there are a series of different flavors to this product, including Peppermint, Lavender, Rose Hemp, Almond, etc. Each flavor has its own special lasting welcoming scent which last for days. My favorite is Peppermint. The tingling sensation it leaves on my head is so soothing and refreshing. It is great using this product, especially to relieve headaches. I suffer from headaches, and, I must share with you that this product has helped me alleviate many of these discomforts in my life. The almond flavor is the one I like to use during these bad times. Why? It is actually lighter on my hair.  And, believe me when I say, that all of the pain just goes away, instantly. By the way, I used the almond flavor on my head and entire body when I had the shingles and it helped relieve itching sensations, healed sensitivity on my scalp and rash area. The tingling sensation it left on my scalp felt like an actual massage. Dr. Bronner may be purchase at drug stores, such as Rite Aid , CVS , and Walgreen's, as well as local beauty supply stores.
2. WASH BRAIDS REGULARLY (every week, if not every two weeks at least)
After washing my braids, I always spray a splash of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with lukewarm water to rinse all of the residue out of my braids. I use Apple Cider Vinegar because it gets rid of buildup on scalp.  I fill up the spray bottle with half of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar and half of water. I also used this product on my hair to seal my pores after washing my hair and used it on my body to purify my skin after a full bath while I had the shingles. You may purchase Bragg or any Apple Cider Vinegar at local supermarkets.
After rinsing, I normally pat dry my braids with a towel during the summer; use a blow dryer during the winter. Once my braids are dry, I always apply an ACTIVILONG COMPLEXE RACINES capsule on my scalp as a leave-in treatment. 

ACTIVILONG COMPLEXE RACINES stimulates growth. This is a French base product directly from Paris. It is only to be applied on dry hair per the manufactures recommendations. This is a powerful product. It works instantly. You feel it working through your scalp. ACTIVILONG COMPLEXE RACINES is a light oil, which prevents thinning and breakage. It is to be applied every night on the hair shaft per manufacture's recommendations. I, personally, apply it after every wash. Besides, my scalp is sensitive, so I can only apply certain fast producing products on my hair, once a week or every two weeks. ACTIVILONG may be purchased online on various sites. But, I purchase it at La Parfumerie de Barbara to support haitian businesses. This is not a common product in the United States, so you may not find it at local beauty supply stores.
And, the last process is to never step out without moisturizing your hair. Shine demonstrates the health and beauty of your hair and braid style. It actually brings life to my look. So I recommend that you spray sheen on your braids daily. That's what I do! The spray sheen and moisturizers I used are listed under these previous posts: Organix and BB Smooth Sheen. My braid styles normally last 2-3 months.
Thank you so much for inquiring. Hope I answered all of your questions.
Peace & Love,
Martine Mayas

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